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Renewable thermal energy for every need

With the GL-Wärme package, Grün leben GmbH has the right solar thermal and heat pump system for every heat energy or heating requirement, individually combinable, future-proof and economical. Whether for detached or semi-detached houses, for large residential buildings, or for trade and industry, whether for modernisation or for new construction.


Solar thermal

The solar thermal system can be used either as a warm water heating system and / or as a hot water heating system, it saves more than 60 percent energy and costs for warm water preparation and up to 30 percent energy and costs for heat generation.

Heat pump

Thermal energy exists in the Air, in Water and in the grounds, that is fed from the Solar energy. This environmental heat is therefore a renewable energy that is used byheat pumps.


Brine-Water-Heat pump

Heat pumps that draw their thermal energy via ground probes, ground collectors, geothermal baskets, trench collectors or energy piles use the heat stored in the ground.

If a borehole is drilled into the ground, special requirements must be observed that require approval and which must be obtained from the respective state authority. In return, comparatively high state subsidies can be applied for when developing geothermal energy.


Air-water heat pumps

Air-source heat pumps use the ambient air for heating and stand out from other heat pump systems due to their low investment costs. On the other hand, the operating costs are somewhat higher due to the lower efficiency. They are particularly suitable for new buildings with low heating requirements.

No special permits are required for air-source heat pumps. However, legal regulations regarding noise protection must be observed.


Water-Water-Heat Pumps

Groundwater is a very good heat accumulator with relatively constant temperatures all year round. Even on cold winter days, the water still has a temperature of 7 to 12 °C. If groundwater is available in sufficient quantity and quality, it can be used as a heat source. Water/water heat pumps are mainly well suited for larger projects, as they require a great deal of planning.

With this heat source, it is important to note that a water analysis must be carried out in advance and that drilling is also subject to approval. This effort is rewarded by the legislator with a high level of state funding compared to the development of other heat sources.

Solar thermal & Heat pump combination

There are various ways to effectively combine a heat pump with solar thermal energy. Which one to use depends not only on your own preferences, but also on costs and savings. The experts at Grün leben GmbH will check the local conditions and show you which solution is best for your case.
In many cases, there is a high subsidy from the state for heat pumps with solar thermal energy, which reduces your costs by 35 to 50%

Solar thermal with brine-water heat pump


Solar thermal with air-water heat pump


Solar thermal with water-water heat pump

Advantages of the combination between solar thermal and heat pump

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