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An all-in-one system for residential buildings. Everything from a single source.

Our photovoltaic, solar thermal, heat pump and e-mobility product and system solutions offer residential customers reliable and efficient power and heat generation tailored to their individual requirements Electricityand heat generation tailored to their individual requirements with an optimized utilization strategy.


Solar energy solutions for private customers

For use in single or multi-family homes, Grün leben GmbH offers customized system solutions for power and heat generation from solar energy and other renewable energies.

Our range of products for private customers includes photovoltaic systems for the generation of solar electricity as well as thermal solar systems for the preparation of drinking water, heating support and building cooling as well as heat pumps and ice storage systems for the use of heat from the ground, groundwater or ambient air. Photovoltaikanlagen für die Erzeugung von Solarstrom als auch thermische Solaranlagen zur Trinkwasserbereitung, Heizungsunterstützung und Gebäudekühlung sowie heat pumps und Eisspeichersysteme zur Nutzung von Wärme aus dem Erdreich, dem Grundwasser oder der Umgebungsluft.

With the power of the sun, you cover your own energy needs in a sustainable way and make yourself less dependent on rising electricity and heating costs with ou GL-ELECTRICITY, GL-HEAT system solutions. With our GL-ELECTRICITY Plus system solution, you can make your photovoltaic system even more economical, because if you operate your electric car with solar power from your own PV system, you will not only drive in a climate-neutral manner, but also at a sensationally low cost.

The highest efficiency of your entire energy system is made possible by our GL- Complete Package system solution through the combination between photovoltaics, heat pump (solar heat pump) and solar thermal.

Solution concept for your own Home

Generate and optimally use your own electricity from solar energy

Store the surplus solar power for later use

Manage energy flows in the household, automatically identify and enable potential savings

Conveniently charge electric car with solar power at any time

Heating with solar power and operating a heat pump

Support heat pump with free solar heat through solar thermal system


Daily pattern of a PV system without electricity storage

A photovoltaic system generates the most electricity at midday,A photovoltaic system generates the most electricity at midday, when the sun's rays are strongest. Before sunrise or after sunset, however, the modules can no longer supply electricity. It is in the evening, however, that an average household has the greatest demand for electricity.If the energy of an electricity storage system cannot be used then, the electricity must be purchased expensively from external electricity suppliers despite the solar system on the roof. At lunchtime, on the other hand, when the photovoltaic system generates the most kilowatt hours, you usually don't even get to use the available solar energy at all in your everyday working life.

Daily course of a PV system with electricity storage

storage system for photovoltaicsystems solves this problem. The energy converted to electricity by the solar system can be stored in a high-performance battery and used at a later time. If electricity is needed in the evening or night hours, the stored solar power is available. If the electricity demand during the day is higher than the amount produced by the photovoltaic system, stored electricity can also be used - regardless of whether the storage unit is fully or only partially charged. Only when the stored solar power is no longer sufficient is further power drawn from the grid.


Of course, an electric car is only really good for our environment if it is charged with renewable energy, ideally of course with electricity from our own roof.

Our GL-ELECTRICITY Plus system solution with the combination of photovoltaics and e-mobility The GL-ELECTRICITY Plus variants range from simple solutions without energy management to intelligent charging solutions that enable dynamic surplus charging and thus the optimal use of self-generated solar power. 



Heating with a heat pump saves money and protects the environment at the same time. It is even more efficient to combine a heat pump with a solar thermal system and thus use the sun's energy at the same time. Heat pumps and solar thermal systems can be combined in various ways: directly (both systems produce heat for heating and hot water) or indirectly (the solar thermal system increases the efficiency of the heat pump).The solar system covers up to 60 percent of the annual energy consumption for heating domestic hot water, and the heat pump sparingly takes care of warming rooms.

Advantages of the combination between solar thermal and heat pump

GL-Full package

Heat pumps use up to 75 per cent environmental heat from the air, soil or groundwater in the surroundings to generate heating energy. The rest of the heat comes from electrical drive energy. A solar thermal system generates heat from solar energy. Since both technologies complement each other particularly well, you can combine a heat pump with solar thermal and photovoltaic systems.While the solar heat ensures lower electricity consumption, the solar electricity covers your own needs and additionally a large part of the electricity demand of the heat pump. Realistically, with a supplementary photovoltaic system it is possible to reduce the consumption of a heat pump by about 20 to up to 50 percent, depending on the dimensioning of the system. The entire e-energy system solution with hybrid heating thus works more efficiently, sustainably and economically.


Steps to your own PV system and RE hybrid heating system

The following simple steps will lead you to your own photovoltaic system and RE hybrid heating. With us, you get a turnkey e-energy system from a single source.


You answer some questions about your current situation and requirements. 


Together we will clarify in a non-binding initial meeting which solution is the right one for you and answer all your questions.


We calculate your plant and perform a complete economic analysis to help you make a decision


You will receive an individual offer from us. After placing the order, we arrange an installation date and register your system with the grid operator.


We bring the selected components directly to your home or construction site and have your PV and solar thermal system, as well as heat pump and, if necessary, electrical charging equipment installed by master craftsmen from the region.


We document the data of your PV system and create a commissioning report, which secures your feed-in tariff, your warranty claim against the manufacturers and serves as proof for the insurance.

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